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Three hours of play and interaction at an L.A. leash-free dog park.

Additional dog $20


This is in addition to daycare/park outing rates when your commitments require you to be away longer.



1/2 Hour neighborhood walks.

Additional dog $10


Dogs are boarded in a crate free/cage free home environment, unless you
specifically require a crate for your dogs’ training. This rate includes a
daily park outing or walk. It is for a 24 hour period. Anything over 24
hours will be pro-rated. Weekend drop offs are at an additional charge.

Additional dog $40


This is for overnights in your own home. We come to stay with your
pets. This includes a daily park outing or walk. This is for a 24 hour
period. Anything over 24 hours will be pro-rated.



Feeding, Medication Administration, Cat Feeding, Fish & Reptile
Feeding, Taking in Mail/Newspapers, Turning Off & On Lights etc



Please contact us for any of your pets’ needs: food purchase and drop off,
vet visits, grooming needs. We are committed to a holistic approach to you
and your pet’s needs and can accommodate almost anything you need
TBD per request.

Our Team








  • “Our 1 1/2 year old male Lab spends a couple days a week with Peter, and his “pack”. We know he really enjoys it because every morning we catch him sitting at the front window waiting for Peter to pick him up. Needless to say when he returns from a day at the park he is very tired and even more obedient than usual. We trust Peter with our dog 100% and don’t think twice about his safety while he’s with him. Have a Nice Walk has been an invaluable addition to our family. It has provided us with peace of mind and our dog with healthy exercise and companionship.”

  • “Peter & Catherine are two amazing people. When I rescued a beautiful German Shepherd and asked for their help in fostering her they jumped right in. They are worth every dime you spend with them. I admire the work they do so. Peter never sits around at the dog park, he always makes sure the dogs are moving, having fun,behaving and enjoying their day. I was also lucky to see how the dogs are in their home. They are loved, cared for and watched with the utmost care. My hat is off to HAVE A NICE WALK pet care.”

  • “To whom it may concern:

    If you are looking for a dog walker who will love your dogs as much as you, Peter is your man! Over the years our family has utilized the services of many dog walkers as well as witnessed countless more in action. Peter is the best dog walker we have ever encountered.  My husband Mark and I hired Peter when we became pregnant with our first child, and he is the only person we trust with Sammie and Simon (our 5 year-old Vizsla dogs).  Peter does an excellent job of making sure Sammie and Simon are well exercised, loved and socialized during the day. Peter is incredibly intuitive to our dogs’ individual needs.

    When they need extra attention or care in a particular way, Peter does it in the most meticulous manner. He never forgets anything, is incredibly hard working, dependable, loving, compassionate, and respectful toward all his dogs.  As we our now about to have our third child, the intervening years have been very chaotic. Peter has always been willing to take initiative and do whatever he can to make our lives run smoothly.  Peter has never let us down in any respect.  His track record with our family is impeccable.

    Most importantly, he gives our dogs Sammie and Simon the utmost respect, unconditional love, care, and patience. Now that we have 3 children and cannot spend as much time caring for our dogs, Peter’s true love and compassion for them gives us peace of mind.  Sammie and Simon are very happy dogs, and Peter is a large reason why.

    Dog-walking is not a vocation for Peter; it is a true calling.  We recommend him to you without any reservations whatsoever.”

  • “This past winter I relocated from New York to Los Angeles. Ten days later my 2-year-old boxer, Maggie, followed. In New York, Maggie was well trained and very obedient. She would sit, stay, lay down, come when I called and fetch with the best of them. But she had some issues I’d been unable to fix, like neurosis and leash aggression around certain dogs. I brought her to a number of competent trainers, but despite their best efforts, she continued to act very territorial in the dog runs: exhibiting ball-obsession, growling and a propensity for getting into scuffles. She was very friendly with people and kids and perfect when she was with me at home but I was embarassed by her behavior out doors. To put it bluntly, she was the “Mean Girl” in the runs. Too often I had to high-tail it out of the run under withering stares from other owners.

    Given these problems, I was nervous to bring her to LA, knowing how important it would be to be able to bring her to LA’s many dog parks. I explained my situation to friends, and without hesitation they said, “Sounds like a job for Peter.” I called him the next day and he arrived with one of his dogs, Cooper. On cue, Maggie nearly bit her head off. My instinct was to put her back on her lease but Peter separated them and let Maggie know — through stern look, body language, and what I can only say was magic — that her behavior was unacceptable and within 10 minutes Maggie and Cooper were best friends. I was astonished!  And after two weeks of bi-weekly afternoon play groups, she was literally a different dog. She played with the other dogs, seemed almost indifferent to balls, allowed dogs to sniff her, and all but stopped growling.

    No more Mean Girl, now she’s the prom queen of the dog park minus the bad taffeta dress. I always knew she was a good dog, but she needed a strong pack leader to bring out her best qualities; now I literally have the dog I always dreamed of. She is awesome. I cannot put a price on the peace of mind that Peter has brought to my life.”


Have A Nice Walk is Peter and his trusted, dog-devoted assistants. Peter is a guy who loves animals and has decided that caring for pets is the most rewarding and fulfilling job he could possibly undertake. Throughout his childhood he was surrounded by animals and has an innate bonding ability with all four legged and even some two legged creatures.

I like to have the opportunity to meet your pet with you, to which I bring my dog, Poupon, a Golden Retriever. He helps me establish the social personality of your dog as best as possible in a short time. Also at that time we’ll go over your pets and their likes, dislikes, health history etc. and see if together we’re all a good fit.

I have five assistants who help me daily at the park and we generally have 6-8 dogs each that we manage and interact with. Like their human counterparts I like to try and create a nice social grouping of dogs that go out together. We all then end up at one of the several leash free dog parks around Los Angeles… our favorite being the Laurel Canyon leash free park where there’s a lot of social interaction and play for the dogs.

The dogs will get a minimum of three hours of playtime and are happy, hungry and exhausted dogs at the end of it.

I’m happy to take care of your dogs/pets anytime.Weekend care is generally an “extended daycare” charge, but let me know the hours etc and we can discuss a reasonable rate.

No problem. I feel and hope that every dog always gets “special attention” as we are constantly interacting and playing with them all day. If your dog needs medication, afternoon meals, or anything we should be aware of for any specific reason; a sore paw, a tendency to eat any and everything on the ground etc, just let me know. My assistants and I will take care of watching or undertaking any special services.

I provide that service as well as walking your pet through examinations, consultations, vaccinations etc.

Yes, we take dogs to the groomers every Friday for bathing and any special needs: special shampoo, flea bath, etc can be taken care of. We do not do any special “cutting” for dogs i.e. Specialty haircuts, as we feel that’s a very personal thing and we’d hate to return your dog with a bad haircut.

No problem, I can take your dog on a slow and moderate neighborhood walk keeping it’s stress and exercise at a slow and recuperative pace.

During the initial meeting I’ll ask you for your vet’s contact information which I will carry with me at all times. I also am aware of the nearest 24 hour animal clinics so I will IMMEDIATELY take the best action available to me at that time while making every effort to contact you.

Of course, please feel free contact us and ask any questions you’d like answered before we begin taking care of your pet.

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